Manimahesh Chaurasi Temple

शिवलिंग दर्शन चौरासी मंदिर भरमौर ,भजन, यात्रा मणिमहेश कैलाश

Mani Darshan(Jewel) in Description below बर्फानी बाबा की मणि Mani darshan is only possible in crystal clear sky while night hours ,and are visible clearly due to darkness around . At any time a small shimmering ray turns to a giant bright natural light over the surface of Kailash Peak at night. The moment was great and filled with terrific sensation through the spine when i used to saw that for the very first time. Though people can see that also at the time of dawn when sun rays touches the ground of great Kailash Enchanting pilgrims with the loud & divine sound of Aum treks to the holy shrine of Kailash Manimahesh every year in the month of Aug Sept , when the holy bath (Chota Snan) Starts on the occasion of Shree Krishana Janam Ashtami till Bada Snan on Radha Ashtami.

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